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By Valentina Fitzpatrick

Valentina Fitzpatrick at the Pilot Career Slingshot that took place recently at the IAA in Dublin.

My background as cabin crew has given me a deep understanding of some of the problematic issues in our industry – keeping in mind our specific fuselage environment. I have graduated in UCD as a Personal Trainer, to better my understanding around physical exercise, and how it can improve human performance in Aviation.

My service offering is focussed on delivering wellbeing education/seminars specifically created as an addition to CRM Training – using my personal experience of being affected by the same issues as a real tool to relate to Aviators. The future goal is to provide a physical space within airports/airlines & training facilities, to motivate, help, and support crew to maintain fitness, respecting the limitations of roster/long-haul flights and fitness levels.

I collaborate solely with current/past Pilots & CCM (Cabin Crew Members) to develop solutions around the issues of fatigue, mental & physical health and reduction of risk factors. Fatigue remains the primary cause of human errors in Aviation. My aim is to use Sports Performance in the most pragmatic & realistic way to reduce the symptoms of fatigue.

It is important that modern aviation embraces a new vision around safety by considering the human being (in this case Pilots & CCM) and their response within our unique environment. Pilots are subjected to comprehensive clinical medical assessment. Aviofit approaches the issue from a non-clinical point of view, to allow Pilots and CCM to find a non-judgemental space to receive help and support with the use of fitness and wellbeing.

Only Pilots and CCM understand the real challenge of working in such an unnatural environment, and they play a fundamental role in finding specific solutions, collaborating primarily with Aviofit. Where we cannot change our environment, we can help to change the way we respond to it – ultimately improving safety.

Once we use wellbeing in Aviation we can truly change the world of aviation performance. See more details at

Valentina Fitzpatrick with crew from Aer Lingus and the Irish Aviation Students Association at an event in Dublin Airport.

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