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Bare metal Gulfstream G280 transits Belfast International

Global Trek Aviation General Manager Gordon Bingham with Captain Roy Horowitz, super-midsize cabin Gulfstream 280 test/ferry pilot at the GTA FBO, Belfast International Airport this morning. This is the latest G280 to transit the GTA facility at EGAA on its way to the Completions Center in the USA. The G150 mid-size cabin series is also a regular stopper at GTA facility at EGAA for fuel & crew rest. Gordon will be at SDC2017, come meet him at Booth 1928.

The G280 aircraft is assembled in Israel. It is then ferried to Dallas, Texas, for interior finishing and painting. Its wing is a new design, using the Gulfstream G550 airfoil, and is larger than its predecessor, the Gulfstream G200 (495 ft² vs. 369 ft² of the G200). This allows the business jet to climb directly to 43,000 ft. Design cruise for the new airfoil is Mach 0.80, vs. Mach 0.75 for the G200 wing. The G250 took to the skies on its maiden flight on December 11, 2009 in Tel Aviv, Israel. In July 2011, the G250 was renamed G280, as the company had “determined that G280 is a more amenable number sequence [than G250] in certain cultures.” In Mandarin, the number 250 can be translated as “stupid” or “idiotic”. After the flight test program, the G280 demonstrated a range of 3,600 nmi (6,667 km) at Mach 0.80 with four passengers and NBAA IFR reserves in 2011. It can fly directly from London to New York without the need for a fuel stop. Its balanced field length has been reduced to 4,750 feet (1,448 m) from the G200’s 4,960 feet (1,512 m). The G280 was provisionally certified in December 2011 by Israel and in July 2012, the US FAA released a report with conditions to ensure no security gaps in the G280’s electronic systems. It received full certification from Israel and the US on September 4, 2012. Nearly 100 aircraft have now been built.

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