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    Aircraft Leasing: A Guide to Successful Negotiations

    Hilton - Dublin Airport
    Further to its previous success in Washington DC, London and Dubai, AeroPodium are delighted to offer this seminar in Dublin.
    Who should attend: Aircraft operators and manufacturers, consultants, bankers, lawyers, leasing and financing companies, insurance companies and all aviation professionals with an interest in aircraft leasing.  All Seminar Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
    Lease Contract Formation and Enforcement
    Principles of Contract Law relevant to an Aircraft Lease Agreement
    •    Assent / Assignment / Delegation / Breach / Discharge / Remedies

    Aircraft Operating Leases
    Negotiating Issues
    •    Security Deposit and Rent
    •    Representations and Warranties
    •    Delivery
    •    General Maintenance Issues
    •    Redelivery
    •    Indemnities, Events of Default, Governing Law

    Cape Town Convention

    Technical Language in an Aircraft Operating Lease
    •    Technical Lease Language
    •    Maintenance Programs
    •    Asset Management
    •    Regulatory Compliance
    •    Maintenance Reserves
    •    Return Conditions

    Aviation Insurance

    ACMI Leases
    Negotiation Issues
    •    Deposit and Block-Hour Rate
    •    Minimum Guaranteed Hours
    •    Hour / Cycle Ratio
    •    Control
    •    Operator (“lessor”) Responsibilities
    •    User (“lessee”) Responsibilities
    •    General Terms and Conditions

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