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  • Tue

    Introduction to Aircraft Appraisals and Valuation

    9:00 amHilton Dublin Airport


    Rob Watts, Managing Director & VP Financial Solutions, Aerotask


    - Introduction to Aircraft Appraisals

    • What is an Aircraft Appraisal?

    • Uses of Aircraft Appraisals

    • Sources of Aircraft Appraisals

    • Aircraft Appraisal Community & Governance

    - Key Aircraft Appraisal Definitions

    • Half-life vs. Full-life Value

    • Base Value

    • Market Value / Current Market Value / Fair Market Value

    • Distress Value, Forced Sale Value, and Liquidation Value

    • Securitised Value or Lease Encumbered Value

    • Salvage Value and Scrap Value

    - Types Aircraft Appraisals and Valuations

    • Desktop Appraisal

    • Extended Desktop Appraisal

    • Full Appraisal

    • Comprehensive Appraisal

    • Financial Appraisal

    - Aircraft Appraisal and Valuation Scenarios / Case Studies

    • New Aircraft

    • Mid-life Aircraft

    • End-of-life Aircraft

    • Lease Encumbered Aircraft

    - Aircraft Appraisals: Art or Science?

    • Sample Size and Value Ranges

    • Economic Lives

    • Single Unit Sales

    • Last Off the Line Effects

    • Future New Technology

    • Reconfiguration Costs

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