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    AVIATION-EVENT: Lufthansa Calling – A Final Opportunity...

    Lufthansa Technik - Hamburg

    A V I A T I O N - E V E N T........ Lufthansa Calling – A Final Opportunity............. 

    Airliner Experience has been granted permission by world class aircraft maintenance provider, Lufthansa Technik - Hamburg for an Enthusiasts Group Visit to the impressive Hamburg facility.

    This Once Off visit will take place on Thursday March 2nd 2017 and is a one day event avoiding the requirement of an overnight Hotel stay and a second day of annual leave, thus reducing costs and delivering better value for each. 

    Sadly, the world leader in aircraft maintenance, Lufthansa Technik is due to wind-up operations of the Lufthansa fleet and other third party airliners at the Hamburg facility during this year 2017. The ending of commercial airliner maintenance at Hamburg will see the company providing services for private jets only. Our visit will be our final chance to experience the famous facility.

    Lufthansa operate all Airbus types except A319, including A380, A340-300 & A340-600, A330-300 even the latest A350-900. Known for their vast B747 fleet, of which the 400 series and new 747-8 Intercontinental are flown. And not forgetting their specialist Freighter fleet of B777-F’s and MD-11F’s of which several are still flying. Third party airliners always hold a surprise.  

    For this final opportunity to visit the iconic German Aircraft Maintenance Mega Base and view some of it’s secrets along with a possible close up inspection of an A380 or B747 during a one-day visit   ..........Don’t miss out – Act now !

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